About The Foodie Time Traveler


Believing that no page in history should remain unturned for too long, Lori Ransbottom-Tishgart has put aside a degree in Economics and an M.B.A. and turned her attention to the study of food history. No period in time or region is safe from her curiosity. Using her collection of antique cooking equipment and old cookbooks, she captures moments out of time by recreating dishes from the past. She is as comfortable cooking on a stove as well as in front of a fire.

Lori has created an eccentric universe in which a character called The Foodie Time Traveler exists; a domain where time travel is common and legend is real.  The backdrop is set in a fanciful Victorian-style England.  The Foodie Time Traveler’s world enjoys modern technology and conveniences but with a peculiar twist; all machinery and equipment are engineered and fashioned in late Victorian-style standards and appearances.

The character is a self-described “Foodie” and explores dining and food in history.  She has at her disposal all of the latest and greatest of time travel equipment her world has to offer.  The Time Traveler’s world is nearly identical to ours and shares the same history, geography and cultural folklore as ours.

All of the artwork and writing contained herein is her original work and portray the curious experiences of The Foodie Time Traveler.  Lori deftly weaves factual history and authentic historical cooking into the imaginary world of The Foodie Time Traveler.

 The temporal ramblings of The Foodie Time Traveler not only satisfy Lori’s hunger for a taste of history, but indulge her love of a good story at the same time.  She believes that old recipes do not exist in a historical vacuum; they are intimately involved in the lives and intriguing tales of those who have dined from them.

Lori has been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around the world, touching down nearly everywhere and exploring her surroundings.   She uses this same approach in her “time travels” as well  and explores the stories and food from anytime and everywhere.

Please rest assured that no time lines have been harmed or temporal anomalies been created in the making of these voyages.


Lori Ransbottom-Tishgart

3 comments on “About The Foodie Time Traveler

  1. Leslie says:

    More! More! I am really looking forward to voyages and food. What a great idea!

  2. Kelly says:

    Bravo! You are celebrating two of my favorite things: food and history! I am looking forward to checking in.

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